X-Men: Apocalypse Review

X-Men: Apocalypse was released in North America on May 27, 2016. It has grossed over $402 million globally. The character exposition was phenomenal. The story itself played nicely with the side stories. The movie kept you on the edge of your seat for the whole 144 minutes.

X-Men: Apocalypse begins where X-Men: Days of future past left off and completes the trilogy that began with X-Men: First class. The movie is set in 1983 and features an amazing line-up of actors and actresses.

The films main focus is on the character Apocalypse. He is a highly powerful mutant who ruled over Egypt as En Sabah Nur until he was buried alive by his worshipers after they decided to betray him. When Apocalypse awakens in 1983 and decides what the world has become is not at all to his liking. He decides to set out and destroy the world and rebuild it the way he sees fit. Hence, his name being changed to Apocalypse.

Erik Lehnsherr also known as Magneto is now living with his family in Poland. After using his powers to save a co-worker his, he is captured by the police. His family is accidentally murdered because of this and he murders those responsible in retaliation. Apocalypse takes advantage of the disheartened Erik and takes him to Auschwitz where his mutant powers first manifested. Apocalypse convinces him to join him. Erik destroys the former prison camp where his mother was murdered.

Eventually, the disturbances that Apocalypse and his crew are creating around the world prompt Charles Xavier to consult with the CIA. Apocalypse ends up using cerrebro to hack into Xavier’s mind and co-opts his powers. He uses this to launch all of the world’s nuclear weapons into space so that no one can interfere as he conquers the world.

Apocalypse arrives at the mansion to kidnap Xavier. The mansion is accidentally destroyed by one of the characters, Alex. Colonel William Stryker is able to capture Peter, Hank, Raven, and Moira. He takes them to his secret military installation for interrogation and experimentation.

Apocalypse convinces Erik to use his powers to control the earth’s magnetic fields. This subsequently causes widespread devastation and many causalities. Apocalypse attempts to transfer his consciousness into Xavier’s body. Xavier is able to send a telepathic distress call to jean secretly. Jean and the others are able to rescue Xavier in the nick of time, but he is left bald by the experience of the transfer process. Erik turns against apocalypse. He is then able to help Cyclops and Ororo to occupy Apocalypse physically, as Xavier battles him in the astral field. Jean is convinced by Xavier to unleash the full extent of her powers and successfully obliterates Apocalypse.

This movie is directed by Bryan Singer and was written by Michael Dougherty, Simon Kinberg, Dan Harris, and Bryan Singer. It features an all-star cast including, Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse AKA En Sabah Nur, James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier, Michael Fassbender as Erika Lehnsherr AKA Magneto, and Jennifer Lawrence as Raven.…